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"I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It is the best researched book on gold I have ever read."
Charles Marcum

"An excellent easy to read and understand book. I learnt more about gold reading this book than I ever knew before.
I recommend this book to anyone that wants to know all about gold."
Sebastian Tombs

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All About Gold

Find out the secrets of gold in this book, "All About Gold", by Mike Moore and published by Technical Author Services, is a veritable encyclopedia of information about gold! Everything you always wanted to know about gold or were curious about is available in this clearly written and easy to understand book all about gold.

Such questions as:

What is gold?
Where did it come from?
How many different forms of gold are there?
Why does the price of gold change?
How is the price of gold established?
Who decides what the price of gold is?
How can you buy gold safely?
How can you sell gold for a profit?
How is gold used in the financial markets?

and such curiosities as:

How are gold teeth made?
How are Olympic Gold Medals made and by whom?
What happens if you find gold treasure?
What are Gold Rounds?
What is a gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

This e-book is available as an e-book right now for the new price of just 9.95 dollars US!

Title: All About Gold
Author: Michael Moore
Published 2009
Publishers: Technical Author Services Pty Ltd
Pages: 195
ISBN: 978-0-9750499-6-9
Price: 9.95USD


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